Most Comfortable Mattress


No single type of mattress is right for everyone. Similar to the clothes we wear, a mattress fits everyone differently. In order to get the best night’s sleep, a variety of factors come into play such as the temperature of the room, your level of stress, the food you ate and what you did during the day. Yet, the most comfortable mattress is certainly the first building block to getting a great night’s sleep.

So what’s the first step in choosing a mattress that’s right for you? RESEARCH! Thanks to our convenient 21st century lifestyle, research isn’t too taxing. Make a list of what you liked and didn’t like about your last mattress and start writing some mattress brands off. Boxspring vs. foundation, king vs. queen, cotton vs. latex,: it always helps to know what you want before you shop. Also, read customer reviews. Not sure where to look? Check out some forums and visit the mattress brand’s facebook page. Customers are sometimes quite frank about their product reviews (especially if they had a bad experience). But that’s what you want, right? Honesty.

When choosing your mattress, make sure to consider the life-span of the mattress. Shifman manufactures a two-sided mattress for the ultimate in comfort and durability. A two-sided mattress will last far longer than any one-sided mattress.

While we’re on the subject of conducting internet research, let’s transition to the next step:

NO IMPULSE BUYS!: It’s so easy, right? There’s a seemingly perfect mattress staring you straight in the face and all you have to do is click a button and it’s yours. Do not click that button! It’s absolutely necessary to try the mattress out first before you buy it. At Shifman, we believe the most comfortable mattress fits everyone differently. Make sure you visit your local dealer, to find the mattress that is right for you. Additionally, if you share a bed with a spouse, make sure to bring him/her along.  A mattress that seems plush to you, might be firm to them. Save yourself the headache. Try out the mattress!


DON’T BE SHY!: For a lot of people, a mattress is a pretty big purchase (and it should be, you spend 1/3 of your life on it). Don’t be afraid to try out your favorite sleep positions on the floor sample. Not all of us sleep like little angels on our backs. Curl up, switch positions and make sure that shifting is comfortable. Sometimes a plush mattress can feel like a dream, until you turn over and find that it’s not so easy to switch sides. Find something that supports your body and be happy about your purchase.

Ultimately, the best mattress for you is the one that feels most comfortable. Don’t let sales associates tell you what is best for you. Do the research, try out the mattress and be confident about your purchase. Afterall, an informed shopper is a happy buyer.