Bloomingdale’s Collection

A wide range of Shifman products are available in two collections at Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the nation, The Handmade Collection and Modern Classics Collection. Below are just a few of the features that make these collections exceptional.


The Handmade Collection

The Handmade Collection is the most luxurious line at Bloomingdale’s offering superior comfort and support featuring:

  • Two-sided construction for extended comfort life
  • Up to 95% natural materials including up to 83 lbs. of cotton, natural latex foam and exotic upholstery materials such as cashmere, silk, angora and New Zealand Joma wool
  • Hand-tufting to lock all upholstery layers together to prevent shifting and bunching
  • Superior innersprings (heavy steel hi-profile double offset unit with more coils)
  • Heavy gauge steel edge supports in mattresses and boxsprings with titanium support systems in select models
  • The finest domestic and European fabrics
  • Eight-way, hand-tied boxsprings, a hallmark of the finest furniture


Modern Classics Collection

The Modern Classics Collection is the introductory line of quality mattresses offering a broad choice of comfort levels featuring:

  • Two-sided construction for extended comfort life
  • High natural cotton content and foam upholstery layers
  • Machine quilted surfaces
  • Heavy steel innersprings
  • Foam edge supports in mattresses
  • Beautiful Belgian damask covers with complementary borders
  • Combination coil and modular boxsprings with all coil construction on select models