Shifman Mattresses at Brielle Furniture

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Sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health and emotional wellness. A comfortable, supportive mattress is imperative to awakening refreshed and revitalized each morning. A Shifman mattress is an investment in your well-being.

Shifman’s world-class artisans combine the performance of premium materials and meticulous handcraftsmanship to provide you with a mattress that offers extraordinary support for correct sleep posture, pressure relief and improved circulation. The supportive, resilient springs and natural upholstery layers used in a Shifman mattress adapt and react to contour the curves of your body, relax your muscles, reduce pressure on the spine and ensure a better night’s sleep.

Shifman Mattresses are sold only at the finest furniture stores available. Brielle Furniture Interiors was established in 1959 in southern Monmouth County, New Jersey. It features fine home furnishings, carpets, and gifts. Its reputation has been built on generations of satisfied customers who expect better quality furniture and a reasonable price. Brielle Furniture Interiors is proud of its dedicated employees whose attention to detail and courteous service has gained its customers trust over the years.